Selecting A Floor Plan – 5 TIPS To Help You Decide

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Selecting A Floor Plan – 5 TIPS To Help You Decide

Deciding On A Floor Plan Does Not Have To Be Complicated

When looking at floor plans there are many things to consider. The bedroom, bathroom, and garage count need to work for you, but there may be flexible spaces that you can use in ways not show on the base plan, or there may be structural options you can add or change. Spend time meeting with you salesperson after narrowing down the floor plans and decide what works best for you.

Tip #1 – Do NOT Focus On Just Square Footage

Focusing on just the square footage of the home is an easy way to end up with a plan that may not give you everything you need for the way you live in your home. Some floor plans Live Larger and provide a better flow. Focus on finding a plan that has the spaces you need, and not just the total square footage you think you need.


Tip #2 – Talk With A Salesperson To Discuss Options

If you just walked through all of the models and collected floor plans, you may not have the full picture of what can be done to make each one fit your needs. Most plans have structural options that can increase square footage, room count, garage count, or even change the way a home lives. Schedule a time to sit with your Sales Consultant to review the plans that are close to what you need, and discuss structural options that may make them perfect for you.


Tip #3 – Find an Under Construction Home To Walk

While you are meeting with a Sales Consultant to discuss structural options, get a list or address where these homes are being built. It is important to walk homes you are considering and get a feel for how they live. They may be in other communities around the city, or even in the neighborhood your looking in. If there are none available to walk, ask if there is a virtual tour or photos of finished homes of the same floor plan.

Tip #4 – Use The Internet To Do Research

Visit the builders website and use the interactive floor plans to see how the plan lays out and structural options change the way the home flows. You can also search Google by plan name or number and may come across photos of previous times that floor plan was built. If you are lucky, it has been a model home in the past and you will have professional photos to look at to help with your decision.

Tip #5 – Be Creative and Focus On Flexible Spaces

When reviewing plans, look at ways to utilize spaces in the home differently than they are listed. If you find a plan that has everything you want, but it has a 4th bedroom and no study, consider the possibility of using the extra bedroom as your study. If the home has a formal dining room and an eat in kitchen, but you wanted a media room, talk to your Sales Consultant and see if there is a way to make the formal dining into that dream media room you always wanted. There are always ways to flex spaces to meet your needs, sometimes you just have to be creative.

In Summary

It takes time and some research to narrow down floor plans to what works for you. Use these 5 tips to help you on your New Construction Home journey. Spend time looking at each carefully and explore ways to make plans that feel the best to you, work for you.


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