So You Found The Floor Plan You Love, But It Only Has A Single Entry Door

Can you upgrade the single entry door to a grand double entry, or maybe even a wrought iron double entry door. The answer to this is a resounding…….Sometimes

Size Of The Opening – The Actual Space You Need For Double Doors 

Many of the information sites on the internet say that you can add double doors to just about anywhere that has two times the width of the doors plus 2 inches to spare. While this may be true if you are remodeling or changing out a door, when it comes to building your new construction home it is not. You need at least six foot and six inches to accomidate both the doors, the trim and set piece in between the doors, the strike plate and latch, and the casing or trim that goes around the door on the inside.


Do They Make Smaller Double Doors – Yes They Do, But Is It The Right Idea

While double doors are beautiful, especially for the curb appeal of your new home, function should still play a role in your decision to add double doors. Some companies make double doors that are only five foot wide in total and would in turn only need five foot six inches of total space to install. This type of spacing you tend to see much more often in new construction homes, but are these smaller double doors right for you? Just know that when adding smaller double doors, you may need to open both doors every time you bring in groceries, carry something out, or maybe just need to come and go on a daily basis. Each single door is only two and a half feet wide, so consider this when making your decision.


So What Is The Solution For Limited Space – Get A Wider Single Door

One of the easiest ways that you can utilize the space at the entry if you are limited or cannot fit a double door, is to go with a wider single door. The wider single door is normally forty two inches wide and makes a statement from not only the curb appeal standpoint, but also the weight and feel. If this is going to be a focal point of your home, you could even go with an iron door to really make a statement.


In Summary

You have options when building a new construction home. Sometimes going to the widest door is not possible, and if it really is the right floor plan for you then you need a solution. Consider the items above and discuss the smaller doubles and/or the larger single door with your salesperson and construction manager to see what is possible.


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